Intex vs Coleman Above Ground Pools: Which Brand is Better?

Intex vs Coleman Pools

Spring has finally arrived, so you know that the hot summer is just around the bend. Some people don’t like going to the beach because they don’t like the sand and the mass number of people. Others don’t have the time, so how do they keep cool? A private pool at home. Though in-ground pools … Read more

Types of Pool Cleaners: Suction vs Robotic vs Pressure Models

A swimming pool is one of the most expensive investments you can make in a home. It’s not just that it requires a lot of money to build; it also requires regular maintenance. A huge part of that maintenance is keeping it clean. A pool cleaner is a great way to reduce the amount of … Read more

How to Lower the Alkalinity in Your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool

If you have discovered that your pool’s alkalinity is too high, you may be wondering how you can bring it down. You may also be concerned about what might happen from having pool alkalinity that is too high and if there are any safety risks. Keep reading while we get to the bottom of these … Read more

How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

The dreaded end-of-summer chore list is upon you. In addition to blowing out those sprinkler lines, moving that patio furniture indoors, and preparing for the leaf storm that is about to blow over, the pool needs to be closed. When opening day comes around, everyone is eager and excited, even willing to help. Unfortunately, the same … Read more

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2021 – Reviews & Guide

a robotic pool cleaner

If you are in the market for a new robotic pool cleaner, you may be surprised to see all of the different brands that have become available over the past few years. These cleaners are continuously evolving, and while some brands remain simple, some can get quite complex, now designed to communicate with a smartphone. … Read more